My cover of Lana Del Rey's - Young and Beautiful cover by Liza Jane


I'm excited to share a recent cover I recorded of "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey.The song is such an emotional song for me and the message is powerful. I believe someone who really loves you will see past your looks and understand your soul and love you for who you are. Someone that will be there for you when “you are no longer beautiful”. Outer beauty won’t last forever. Who is going to be there for you through it all? I recently sang this song for a friend who is dying of cancer. It really hit home for me when I saw him and his wife holding hands and singing along together. It was a very touching moment for everyone involved. Especially during the bridge of the song where the lyric says “Dear lord when I get to heaven please let me bring my man”.I hope you enjoy my version of this wonderful song.Video by Giancarlo Espinosa, Forever Studios Key West. Click here to listen to original music from Liza Jane "Alone in a Crowd".And as always, I love hearing from all of you. So please leave a comment below to share your thoughts on the video, ask any questions you might have, or just to say hey! <3-LJ-